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Compassion. Coaching. Connection.

There is no more looking away -- from suffering, from injustice or from struggle.
Especially your own.


  • Seeing yourself through loving eyes?

  • Freedom from negative self-talk and perfectionism?

  • Recognizing your worth and knowing that you are already enough?

  • Being free of self-criticism and punishing guilt?

  • Replacing limiting beliefs and self-sabotage with self-love and empowerment?

  • Feeling outrageously beautiful and sexy and owning your inner AND outer beauty?

  • Having a joyful, healthy, calm relationship with food?

Recovery from stress, anxiety, perfectionism, disordered eating and trauma is possible.

I'm Kris, and I'm a Certified Health Coach, Recovery Coach and a liberator. I guide women through difficult transitions to freedom and self-discovery using the powerful healing of SELF-COMPASSION. Together, we move through the process of healing so you can align with your core values and your soul's deepest desires.

Radical Self-Love Coaching provides a transformative path to liberation from low self-worth and disconnection. As you learn to practice deep self-compassion, you will break through limiting beliefs and transform shame into radical self-love.

We share the beautiful process of leaning in to vulnerability and realizing the kind of support that comes from deep listening, self-inquiry and honoring your process of pain, grief and authenticity.


I absolutely love supporting women in self-discovery and re-connecting to their truth!


Your healing impacts everything.

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