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Self-Empowerment and Compassion Coaching for Women

Are you overwhelmed? Too hard on yourself? Feeling "not enough"? 


  • Seeing yourself through loving eyes?

  • Freedom from negative self-talk and perfectionism?

  • Recognizing your worth and knowing that you are already enough?

  • Being done with self-criticism and punishing guilt?

  • Replacing limiting beliefs and self-sabotage with self-love and empowerment?

  • Feeling embodied, outrageously beautiful and sexy and owning your femininity?

Recovery from stress, anxiety, perfectionism and trauma is possible.

I'm Kris, and I'm a Radical Acceptance Coach. I help women tame their inner critic with massive SELF COMPASSION, SELF-LOVE AND HEALING work so we can cut through the pain and get you unstuck.

Radical Acceptance coaching is your path to liberation from the cycle of guilt and stress and being so freaking hard on yourself. 

You deserve to shine, to give yourself the gift of self-acceptance and compassion. 

I work with women to find inner peace through my signature process that involves a heavy dose of deep listening and self-inquiry and making friends with the internal blocks that hold you back. As a holistic health coach and certified recovery coach--and as a woman who's been there--I want you to know that you can have a positive, loving relationship with yourself. 


You are worthy of love and support.

Let's be friends on Instagram!    @Kristinajsmart
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