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Work With Me

I help liberate women from internal struggle, perfectionism, and overwhelm by addressing childhood wounds and trauma. Their self-worth expands as they learn how to regulate and soothe their nervous systems through a practice of radical self-compassion and self-love.

I am a Compassion Coach because so many women I meet struggle to see themselves with loving eyes. We are painfully hard on ourselves, rooted in limiting beliefs that negate our self-worth. In my work, I teach women to step fully into their worth. They learn radical self love, body and soul, RIGHT NOW (not after she makes the money, gets the guy or loses the weight.). My clients learn daily pratices that stem from love, not restriction or punishment. Embodied transformation happens as they learn to love and embrace all of their parts.

I have a degree in psychology and certifications in Holistic Health and Professional Recovery Coaching. I've got more than three decades of training and education, but it's compassion and intuition that truly define me. My style is a heart-centered, no BS blend of compassion and humor (because growth can be fun!) I have a powerful radar for spotting the effects of trauma and family of origin wounding. And one of my superpowers is identifying your negative self talk and core beliefs so that we can give the sweet little soul inside the loving attention she's starved for.


This is how you break free from struggle and learn radical self-acceptance. You'll quit beating up on yourself and learn to be sweet on yourself. You will see how lovable and worthy you are simply because you exist.

Ultimately, you are the expert on YOU, which means that our relationship is built on collaboration. When we work together, you'll get a lot of compassionate listening and affirmation, questions that invite deeper self-awareness, and personalized practical tools that facilitate change and reflect a Recovery Lifestyle. I'll point out unconscious negative self-talk and habitual patterns that are blocking your radical self-acceptance. Together, we will turn your trauma and poor coping skills into self-worth.

You are lovable, worthy and amazing, and yet you're so, so hard on yourself. Let me teach you how to be gentle and nurturing with yourself, how to love your body and be your own mama.

"To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections." ~Sandra Bierig
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