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Kristina holds space for me, asks deep and personal questions, relates from her own experience and learning, and always leaves me with a path forward that makes life a little more clear. Both spiritual and practical, Kristina is a very trustworthy and supportive coach, and the support doesn’t end when the phone call is over... she sends resources and stays in touch in a way that lets me know she is always there for me. Kristina's coaching helped me develop more inner strength: she is a safe person to practice vulnerability and true self with. The growth process can sometimes feel sticky and hard, and I am grateful for her guidance by my side.

Amanda C. - former client

Kristina's highly effective skills are based in her ability to listen, her understanding of mind/body connections, and her gift of filtering effective and innovative practice recommendations. She employs a holistic mind/body approach. Kris is grounded in solid leadership qualities with highly developed focus on ethics, morals and best practice. Kris lives what she teaches.

Laurel S., LICSW

Kris understands pain. She brings effortless warmth and affirmation to the discouraged heart, balanced with humor and a dose of let's-get-real. She will sit with you, walk alongside you, and offer anything within her power to help you keep on keeping on.

Jennifer K.

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