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Weekly support group for women

who have experienced loss

Hello My Sweet,

I believe you when you say you're exhausted. You're lonely. Your heart is broken, and you feel lost. So many feelings and so little time or space to process, much less to get THROUGH. You feel pressured to “get back to normal,” but what is normal anymore?  Grief and loss are an essential part of being human, as is the need for connection. You need support--you aren’t meant to go through any of this alone.

Honoring grief is soul work. To be present with the weight of your sorrow, your sadness, is to be fully present to your humanity. Of course, you'll still celebrate and feel joyful--life is complex and wild and ALL of the things. To commit to yourself and hold space for all of your emotions is to clear space for your radiance, your joy, and your desires.


As badly as you want to turn and run away from your deepest pain, it's actually true that when you move into it, you will find yourself less numb and more in touch with the richness of life.

You CAN safely feel your feelings, show up in your beautiful vulnerability, practice self-acceptance and learn healthy ways to self-soothe. You can feel grounded and held--and discover the personal power that springs from sharing heart-felt moments with yourself and others.

​You simply need a refuge--a sanctuary--where you can honor your losses, no matter what they are.​

​If you want to be fully embodied...


If you want to feel the wild joy and vitality that your life has to offer...


Sanctuary is for women like you who need to move beyond distractions and numbing habits. It is the brave woman who is willing to dive into her difficult emotions, to get curious and tender with her pain, and to practice staying with her intense feelings​.



  • ​How to recognize your body's signals and to tend lovingly to her need for comfort and stability.

  • How to accept all of your feelings without judgment or pressure to be any different than you already are

  • Your ability to hold space for yourself and for other women as you tap into the divine wisdom of presence

  • The best ways to build your capacity to stay with hard emotions and reconnect with your inner strength

  • A precious reconnection with your inner little girl, who longs to be heard and seen by you. 


Join SANCTUARY, and you'll have access to:

  • Weekly 75-minute virtual retreats via Zoom, where you'll experience an energy container of safety and the powerful beauty of leaning into the loving support of other women who get it. (Tuesdays at 6:30pm PST)

  • ​​One guided meditation each week (you'll have lifetime access to these) to provide you with essential practices and skills to help you accept and embrace life’s difficult challenges.

  • ​​A private Facebook community of women who, like you, crave connection and self-care.

We aren’t meant to go through grief alone. We are meant to recognize our parallel experiences, to hold each other up and witness one another. 


All of this  support is here for you -- this sacred space is a refuge to nurture and comfort your soul.


​​SANCTUARY is a weekly gathering where you'll retreat with other women in a non-judgemental, safe space.

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Kristina Smart is a trauma-informed holistic health and recovery coach for brave women who are willing to sit in--and work through--their hard feelings. She is trained in grief, trauma and loss and coaches with loving self-compassion and tenderness.

Sanctuary is:

Holding you in my heart,


P.S. There are no refunds. Once you've paid, 8 weeks of SANCTUARY is yours. You always have the option to renew your group membership.

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